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Stuntwomen United

They fight, they fall, they get lit on fire and crash cars! Professional Stuntwomen are the unsung heroines of your favorite TV show or movie but do you know what it takes for them to get there?

Formed solely for SAG-AFTRA stuntwomen, Stuntwomen United Network, Inc.  (S.U.N.) is dedicated to breaking down barriers, bridging the gaps and empowering our members so they may have an equal and fair opportunity for success in a male dominated industry. A stuntwoman’s needs are an anomaly and getting help from appropriate sources can be a challenge. By providing financial assistance and support as well as scholarships for training and growth, S.U.N. women will be better prepared and trained for their job giving them a step up where this is not only necessary but critical to their lives.


We have recently incorporated as a non profit organization and filed for 501c3 Tax Exempt status with the IRS and are awaiting our determination letter. We are also building a donor base by hosting special events,  fundraising galas, looking for corporate sponsorships and exploring grants and awards to help sustain the organization. Qualifying stuntwomen will be awarded scholarships to ensure they are properly trained and well rounded in all aspects of stunts. This training includes but is not limited to:


  • Stunt Driving

  • Weapons Training and Safety

  • Special FX Pyrotechnics Training

  • Rigging/Wire Work

  • On Set Safety

  • Water Safety/Scuba

  • Fire Safety

  • CPR/AED First Aid

In conjunction with SAG/AFTRA, we are working to combat many of the everyday struggles stuntwomen face by developing a way to help our members navigate their careers. This will be accomplished by providing:


  • Training to qualifying stuntwomen

  • Stunt equipment for stuntwomen in need

  • Discounts to all members through corporate sponsors

  • A complete database to make it easier to find female talent

  • A central office for members to meet and access resources as well as rent equipment

  • Monthly meetings and seminars to educate and discuss important topics

  • Assistance and support to those with financial needs for growth (Stuntwomen Support Scholarship)

  • Work programs to help stuntwomen with their finances to make ends meet

  • Mentorship Programs including Stunt Coordinator training initiatives


No other organization like this is in existence and with your help these resources will be easily and readily accessible for stuntwomen without struggling to find help in our vast and confusing industry. And the next time you see a stuntwoman being set on fire, getting hit by a car, or battling alongside Wonder Woman, you’ll know you helped get her the proper training and equipment she needed to be 100% safe and ready for her job.


We are very excited to announce our Stuntwomen United Gala fundraiser being held on October 11th, 2018 at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, NJ.  It is a red carpet event with media coverage that will plant our flag in the entertainment industry. We are anticipating 500 attendees including stunt performers, celebrities, industry leaders, and state officials. This event will landmark our endeavor of coming together as a sisterhood in solidarity and help us achieve positive changes.


We would love to have you as a Sponsor for our Gala to show your support of stuntwomen here and across the globe! Our Sponsor Packages are attached and any level you choose will be greatly appreciated.


To become a Sponsor please contact me by phone or email  for more information.

Thank you so much for your time and we look forward to having you join Stuntwomen United Network in making history (*herstory!).


Please visit our invite page to purchase Gala tickets at:

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Please Donate by visiting our website at:


With warmest regards,

Tina McKissick (Founder/President)

Stuntwomen United Network, Inc.

EIN:  83-1105397

C: 917-434-6413